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The Germany KNUTH company training report: CE Standard Chapter 2

    We limped through the winter of 2013 machinery industry, and ushered in 2014In order to further develop the international market, Out of domestic cruel disorderly competition, Manufacture of our own accord with the CE standard "safe" machine, therefore, we especial invite technical department manager OLIVER of Germany headquarter KNUTH company to our factory for machines CE Standard training.

CE (CE Mark) belongs to the mandatory sign, is the European Union (EU Europen Union- referred to as EU) is a new method for the implementation of the relevant technical coordination and standard instruction (New Approach Directives) is used to prove that a product meets the basic requirements of the directive (Essential Requirments) conformity marking. Inform consumers that products meet the basic requirements of safety, health, environment, so it is also called the "CE certificate" (CE Conformity Marking).

CE abbreviation for symbols, said signs affixed CE products comply with the European Directive concerning essential requirements (Essential Requirements), and used to confirm that the product has passed the appropriate conformity assessment procedure and / or manufacturer declaration of conformity , truly become the product passport which allowed to enter sale in the European market. The relevant instructions required affixed CE mark in the industrial products, if without CE mark, may not be listed for sale, with CE mark but found that do not meet the requirements of safety, shall be ordered to withdraw from the market. continued in violation of the provisions of instructions on the CE rules, will be restricted or prohibited to enter the EU market or forced to withdraw market.

First, Mr. Oliver make a detail introduction to our D & R department, production department, QC department & other departments for the machine CE standard concept, the instruction content, standard label, the significance of the implementation, specific requirements & etc.. Then, in the operation spot, according to the various types of machines, he make an inspection items list  "machine conforms to the CE standard" . And arrange inspector to make practical test, and make a very comprehensive interpretation concerning to the omissions and errors in the test. Through three days of learning, We have a profound understanding and the actual implementation ability for CE standard.

At present, in China there is still no machine manufacturing enterprises to strictly implement CE standard, but also quite a few manufacturer don't realize the importance of the CE standard for the domestic machine to open the international market. We are not only aware of this, and with the help of the German experts, may realize CE standard of domestic machine tool in advance.

Actively cooperate with the DIMA management and staff, the training was a complete success. Thanks for the guidance and training of Mr. OLIVER.

The electrical expert and mechanical experts of Germany KNUTH company will come to DIMA concerning to CE Standard for follow-up training.